Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Technology Can Suck


I have a memory leak on my desktop. No idea how to fix it.

My laptop had a hard drive failure this morning. It has been dying a slow death for several months now, apparently it's ready. I have spent the last 2 hours getting files off of it, I'm about half done. I have 2 computers, with the same damn files on both of them, because I'm a pack rat and afraid to get rid of anything!

And then there is my brand new camera - my Canon D10, which, overall, is a great camera - durable, waterproof, it takes decent pictures in auto mode, but I need to figure out how to program it to take better ones. But the lens keeps getting stuck, and I'm going to have to send it in to get fixed. I've only had it 3 months.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Really Don't Want to Know What is on Those Shoes

I'm serious. You don't - but I'm going to tell you anyway.

I cleaned out the bottom half of the mud room closet yesterday. I got rid of 12 pairs of my shoes (most of them in no condition to even be wearing anyway), and then I pulled out 4 pairs of Keith's. Three of them were covered in dust - you couldn't even tell what color they were, it was so thick! After further inspection, it was discovered that a pair of brown leather shoes, last worn circa 2004, had MOLD on them - YIKES!!!!!!!!!! I never even knew that was possible.

So I pulled out all the stuff to go away, put jackets that are out of season downstairs, and dusted and cleaned off the floor and shoe shelves. Now, I just have to tackle the upper shelf.

On a good note, I've been going crazy listing stuff on ebay. Well, ok, I only have 8 listings, but it's a start!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Figuring out Ebay

I spent this weekend putting some of the boys' outgrown clothes on Ebay. I've never done it before, I've usually done Craigslist, but living so far out in the middle of nowhere, I can never get anything sold. I had no problem figuring out how to list stuff, but the shipping is where I get confused. I finally decided to just use some Flat Rate boxes we have, and ship everything that way. At least until I figure out what I'm doing! I did give a bag of clothes away also.

The boys went back to school today, so now I can start really getting into things! After I tidy up the house, this week's project is going to be the mudroom closet. There are WAY too many things in there!